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Here at Nostalgic Homes we pride ourselves in being able to find you the best vintage properties in Denver. But that doesn't mean we're stuck in the past...

When it comes to updating our services and using new technology to better serve you - we're all about moving forward...

So, with that in mind, we'd like to introduce our new website!

Since you're here, you've probably already gotten a sense of the updated look and feel, but take some extra time to explore, click around, and enjoy the beautiful pictures of Denver's vintage homes and neighborhoods.

The intuitive design should get you to viewing listings in no time. However, this site is more than just a collection of real estate listings, agent bios, and phone numbers. In fact, you'll be…

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What are Closing Costs?

Closing costs are the end of the gauntlet when buying a house. They include a long list of fees incurred, which we have examined in detail below. Many of them go to third parties, like lenders or attorneys. The term “closing” refers of course to the last stage before the keys change hands. Typically, the buyer pays for closing costs, while the seller handles costs like realtor commissions. However, everything is open to negotiation throughout a real estate transaction, including closing costs in Denver, Colorado and its red-hot housing market.

If you are among the lucky few who can buy a house without a mortgage, your closing costs will diminish significantly.

Average Closing Costs for the Median Home in Denver

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Holiday in the Highlands

The countdown for a special Winter Festival has begun. Join us for a fun-packed afternoon at the Holiday in the Highlands. Proudly Presented by Nostalgic Homes, this year’s event promises to be more magical than ever.

Visitors can look forward to some winter wagon ride fun with big ponies, pony rides for the kids, delicious hot chocolate, holiday treats and a bagful of more fun! You can also meet Santa in his grotto and get pictures taken with him by Bloom Portraits to remember the special day.

Your Help Will Be Appreciated

Spread the joy of Christmas by donating generously to Denver’s Tennyson Center for Children (www.childabuse.org).

You can make a monetary donation to support The Tennyson Center for Children in…

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